Rush to Judgement

Another interpretation of the Tour de Nash 2012 bike ride as shown on All  new footage with no duplicate scenes from the original Tour de Nash 2012 video. Length is 1:46.


Bikers from the 2012 Tour de Nash ride (except last scene) in Nashville, Tennessee
Video captured by Canon EOS 7D in 720p 60fps. Canon lens EFS 18-135 mm
Edited with Final Cut Pro X version
Shot by Russ Anthony 411 for Anthony-Denmark Communications

“Siesta” by Jahzzar (

Nashville Mayor’s Dessert Budget Strategy

This a forty-three second video. Nashville mayor Karl Dean speaks in front of the Jackson Day 2011 audience presented by the Tennessee Democratic Party. He takes the opportunity to encourage visitors from all over the state to spend money. . . one helping at a time.

Evolution of Communication – Pt. 6

Computers have come a long since email began. Click here to watch part six of the Evolution of Communication video series from Anthony-Denmark Communications. We often take the communication technology we use today for granted. Besides new products and services are introduced at a rapid pace. Watch as Nicholas Holland, CEO of CentreSource Interactive Agency, slows it down for you in Evolution of Communication. This is a series of short videos that explains how humans have communicated since the beginning of time. In Part Six: “Email”, Nicholas explains how the invention of email was a major shift in the way people learned to communicate. Evolution of Communication – it’s something to talk about.

Coming soon: Part 7: Text Messaging