Need for Home and Community Based Services for Seniors

Julius Witherspoon and Lee Stewart of Metropolitan Social Services in Nashville, Tennessee speak about the growth of the elderly population and ways agencies can meet this need. This video shows excerpts from their presentation, “Increasing Need for Home and Community Based Services for Seniors and Disabled Adults” at the TCSW Middle Region Fall Conference on November 2, 2012. Video by Russ Anthony 411 for Anthony-Denmark Communications.


“You are an advocate”, says advocacy veteran Gordon Bonnyman from the Tennessee Justice Center. He speaks to the audience about the qualities needed for being an effective advocate for people and causes. These excerpts are taken from his presentation “The Whys and Wherefores of Advocacy” at the TCSW Middle Region Fall Conference on November 2, 2012. Video by Russ Anthony 411 for Anthony-Denmark Communications.

Social Work Ethics

“Social Work Ethics” is the most recent video from Anthony-Denmark Communications. Dorothy H. Gager, LCSW was recorded at TCSW 2012. This excerpt from her presentation, “Navigating When Your Personal and Professional Codes of Ethics Seem at Odds”, explores the NASW Code of Ethics. Ms. Gager discusses some of the history of social work ethics and challenges faced by social workers today. Please be sure to return to my YouTube Channel where you can check out other videos from this and past TCSW events.

Russ Anthony 411 at TCSW 2012

The photos above show the incredible speakers at last year’s TCSW main event. Follow Russ Anthony 411 and Anthony-Denmark Communications for coverage of the Tennessee Conference  on Social Welfare 99th Anniversary Spring Conference from the Embassy Suites Nashville – South/Cool Springs in Franklin, Tennessee.  Look for reports here on and on YouTube,Twitter, and Facebook. You may also email any questions or comments to While at the conference, I will be conducting interviews and recording some of the activities. For full conference details, please visit the the TCSW website at

Misedutainment of the Masses

Lynn Stewart describes how misinformation through entertainment leads to Misedutainment of the Masses in the latest video from Russ Anthony 411 and Anthony-Denmark Communications. In these excerpts from the 2011 TCSW Middle Region Fall Conference, Mr. Stewart describes how vulnerable populations are affected by it. Innovative approaches to working with families faced with adverse circumstances by utilizing positive reinforcements and resources are described. Misedutainment of the Masses is a great resource for working with families in poverty. Note: Mr. Stewart’s organization is United Neighborhood Health Services.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the subject in the latest video from Russ Anthony 411 and Anthony-Denmark Communications. Yvonne Williams of the Human Trafficking in America Task Force, Inc is the featured speaker. She and her husband, Marion Williams, were recognized as Advocates of the year at the TCSW Middle Region Conference on November 18, 2011. This video contains excerpts from the presentation Human Trafficking: Healing the Soul of America given at conference. Statistics, how to identify and become aware of trafficking and how to mobilize a movement to help stop labor and sex trafficking of women and youth are presented.

Credit Unions and Banks

At the TCSW Middle Region Fall Conference in Nashville, I spoke with Lisa Carlisle of The Tennessee Credit Union. She does a great job of explaining the differences between Credit Unions and Banks. Also, we talked about the effect the Occupy Wall Street Movement is having on credit Union membership. For more information about the TCSW Fall Conference please visit their website at

2011 TCSW Fall Conference – Middle Region (Overview)

Please note: The title is now “2011 TCSW Fall Conference – Middle Region (Overview)

Friday, November 18, 2011 The Middle Region of  Tennessee Conference on Social Welfare (TCSW) held its Fall Conference. This year’s theme was, “Charting the Course to Social Wellbeing”. The event featured valuable information from presenters and exhibitors. Click here for a brief video overview of the event. Be sure to check back at for additional conference videos in the near future which will cover Social and Emotional Learning, Social Media, and Misedutaintment of the Masses. This also includes one on one interviews.  Please visit TCSW at for detailed conference information.

An Outstanding Job (98th TCSW Conference)

Dustin Keller and Scott Ridgeway describe a successful 98th TCSW conference.

Click here for the video. It was only the second day of the Tennessee Conference on Social Welfare’s 98th meeting in Franklin, TN and already Dustin Keller and Scott Ridgeway were all smiles. It was only during post production that I realized that I heard Scott say “an outstanding job” more than once. Then as I thought about how well the conference was organized and conducted –  it was clear that everyone connected with this year’s meeting performed outstandingly. Sometimes we use words like “outstanding”, “excellent” and “perfect” too much thereby rendering those words almost meaningless. But this was a great conference. Imagine Dustin and Scott going around and cheering the conference staff and volunteers on they performed there duties. “Hey, you’re doing an outstanding job!”  Smiles and gratitude are infectious. As I was working on how to end this video, I became aware for the first time that I said, “You’re doing an outstanding job” at the end. (I really do not remember saying that but I do remember feeling good while I was conducting that interview).  I played the segment back again and sure enough it was my voice. Wow. So Scott Ridgeway set me up with his big smile and  “outstanding jobs”. Watch at the very end right before the logo, he has a mischievous look like he is thinking, ” Ha! It worked!”  I’m on to Ridgeway. Next year I’ll be on guard.  But, you know, perhaps that is one phrase that can’t be over used. Next time when the moment arises, tell someone that they are doing “an outstanding job”. Then remember how good you felt saying it.

Evolution of Communication – Pts. 2 and 3

Communication technology comes by so quickly that it is hard to keep up. Watch as Nicholas Holland, CEO of CentreSource Interactive Agency, slows it down for you in Evolution of Communication. This is a series of short videos that explains how humans have communicated since the beginning of time. In Part Two: “Cave Drawings and Written Letters”, Nicholas explains the first permanent means of communication. In “Part Three: Diversifying – Channel vs. Medium“,  he shows how messages began to move  from one location to another. Evolution of Communication – it’s something to talk about.

Coming soon: Part 4: The Telephone