Country Music Marathon 2013

Opening Marathon Hill

This year, the Country Music Marathon in Nashville, Tennessee took place in a downpour. However, the rain did not stop the over 30,000 runners and thousands of volunteers from going on with the event. Given the recent tragedy with the Boston Marathon, there was also heighten security. Two videos from Anthony-Denmark Communications cover the rain-soaked activities. The first is “Country Music Marathon 2013 ‘Twanging In the Rain'” with a report on the conditions and risks, the runners were taking. The second,  “Country Music Marathon 2013 ‘The Human Spirit'”, shows the physical and emotional toll the pounding rain was having upon the runners. The event was conducted to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Hearts and Feet

Another video interpretation by Russ Anthony 411 of The Boulevard Bolt event in November 2011 to raise money to support the homeless. Music: “Ave Maria” by Les Petits Chanteurs de Montigny. Posted on

Rush to Judgement

Another interpretation of the Tour de Nash 2012 bike ride as shown on All  new footage with no duplicate scenes from the original Tour de Nash 2012 video. Length is 1:46.


Bikers from the 2012 Tour de Nash ride (except last scene) in Nashville, Tennessee
Video captured by Canon EOS 7D in 720p 60fps. Canon lens EFS 18-135 mm
Edited with Final Cut Pro X version
Shot by Russ Anthony 411 for Anthony-Denmark Communications

“Siesta” by Jahzzar (

Occupy Wall St – Nashville Stops The Machine

The Occupy Wall Street Movement has gone world-wide showing that communities are becoming the change they seek in the world economy. In this latest video from Anthony-Denmark Communications, see how a skit on a busy street shows Nashvillians how to stand up to corporate abuse in Occupy Wall St – Nashville Stops The Machine. The Corporate Military Machine is the target. The performers cry, “Stop the machine! Tear down the machine!”

Occupy Wall St – Occupy Nashville

Occupy Wall St – Occupy Nashville is a three minute video that suggests that Nashville and New York are connected in more ways than previously thought. In the latest video from Anthony-Denmark Communications, the protesters chant, “All day all week, occupy Wall Street!” And although they shout from West End Avenue near downtown Nashville, their support and solidarity with their brothers and sisters in New York is unquestionable. On October 6, 2011, members from social, legal and labor organizations were part of this crowd of demonstrators. Occupy Wall St – Occupy Nashville is shot in the same up-close and interactive style that lets you get close to the action. For other videos shot in this style, click here for Tennessee Teachers Rain March and Tennessee Teachers Signs of Rain.

Street Technology

Social Work Technology is like…

Driver Frank Farris on a city street.

As you can see, is not your typical social work blog. It is social work in the technology fast lane.

This promo gives you an idea of what social workers can do such power on their side. Social issues of this century require that we use modern techniques and tools. Click here to read the blog posts for “Social Work Technology” and feel the power!

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