Hearts and Feet

Another video interpretation by Russ Anthony 411 of The Boulevard Bolt event in November 2011 to raise money to support the homeless. Music: “Ave Maria” by Les Petits Chanteurs de Montigny. Posted on Vimeo.com.

Creating A Meaningful Life with Lowell Perry, Jr.

Lowell Perry, Jr. gives a very topical and thoughtful delivery in the latest RussAnthony411 video from Anthony-Denmark Communications. “Creating a Beautiful Life with Lowell Perry, Jr.” will cause viewers to reexamine priorities and consider how the world is impacted by the decisions we make. This video is four minutes long. If you would like to see more of his speech please leave a comment at the end of this article, on the website were the video is being shown  or  email me at russ@russanthony411. com. Please click here to view.