Champions (Special Olympic Tennessee Summer Games 2012)

Athletes from Special Olympics came from all over Tennessee to compete Saturday May 19, 2012 in the Summer Games 2012. The event took place on the campus of Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Watch the excitement as the volunteers turn into spectators. Athletes competed for medals and bragging rights. There was so much going on in seven different athletic venues that I had to concentrate in the track and field area. For more on the Special Olympics and how you can get involved, please go to their website at Soon I will post additional photos from the Special Olympics

Evolution of Communication – Pts. 2 and 3

Communication technology comes by so quickly that it is hard to keep up. Watch as Nicholas Holland, CEO of CentreSource Interactive Agency, slows it down for you in Evolution of Communication. This is a series of short videos that explains how humans have communicated since the beginning of time. In Part Two: “Cave Drawings and Written Letters”, Nicholas explains the first permanent means of communication. In “Part Three: Diversifying – Channel vs. Medium“,¬† he shows how messages began to move¬† from one location to another. Evolution of Communication – it’s something to talk about.

Coming soon: Part 4: The Telephone