Project Homeless Connect Nashville 2013

PHC 2013 poster frame 2The Nashville community came together on February 13, 2013 to provide a variety of services to the homeless in this short video overview of Project Homeless Connect Nashville 2013 from the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Included are comments from Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, event participants and members of the Metropolitan Homelessness Commission. It is produced by Russ Anthony 411 for Anthony-Denmark Communications. You may watch the video on  and on YouTube.

Chinese Dragon New Year Celebration – Nashville

Chinese Dragon New Year Celebration – Nashville is a colorful and entertaining display of  Chinese culture in Middle Tennessee. The Chinese Arts Alliance of Nashville and the Nashville Chinese Dragon Dance Team helped the local community to celebrate the Chinese New Year at Eakin Elementary near Vanderbilt University. Mayor Karl Dean was there,  as he has done in several other Chinese cultural events, to encourage the crowd on this cold January morning, The outdoor portion of the celebration is captured is this 7-minute video from Anthony-Denmark Communications. (By the way, the little girl heard describing the action was an unexpected but welcomed part of the audio soundtrack. I wished that I had a chance to ask her how she knew so much about what we were watching). Click here to watch the video.

Boulevard Bolt 2011


Boulevard Bolt 2011  is the latest video from Anthony-Denmark Communications. This video presents a great display of the Nashville Spirit. It started out as a cold Thanksgiving Day morning. However, over 8,200 runners and walkers warmed each others hearts in this 5 mile run/walk to benefit agencies serving the homeless. This video features interviews with Congressman Jim Cooper of Tennessee, Dr. Bill Paul, Director of the Nashville Health Department and Clifton Harris, Executive Director, Metropolitan (Nashville) Homelessness Commission. It was a great day for Nashville. Please click here for the video.

Credit Unions and Banks

At the TCSW Middle Region Fall Conference in Nashville, I spoke with Lisa Carlisle of The Tennessee Credit Union. She does a great job of explaining the differences between Credit Unions and Banks. Also, we talked about the effect the Occupy Wall Street Movement is having on credit Union membership. For more information about the TCSW Fall Conference please visit their website at

Three new Russ Anthony 411 Experience Videos Added To

Rutledge Hill View, For Harriet and Lake Condition are three new videos added to  You can read the description by going to The Russ Anthony 411 Experience by clicking here.

The Russ Anthony 411 Experience

During video shoots I often end up with footage that I cannot logically place in my usual productions. Therefore, I recently started a channel for informal and unconventional videos on I call the channel, “The Russ Anthony 411 Experience”. Please checkout my first entry, “A Moon’s Journey Home”. This video and others there do not relate to social work technology – just pure entertainment. You can play the video below or  click here.

I will continue to produce videos about social issues. Very soon you will see an increase in HD quality videos produced by Russ Anthony 411 and Anthony-Denmark Communications across the Internet. Details are coming soon. Thanks!

Evolution of Communication – Pt. 7

Text messages are expected to be short and to the point.  Click here to watch part seven of the Evolution of Communication video series from Anthony-Denmark Communications. Many teenagers and young adults rely on text massages more that actually talking on their smart phones. Watch as Nicholas Holland, CEO of CentreSource Interactive Agency, explains the emergence of text messaging in Evolution of Communication. This is a series of short videos that explains how humans have communicated since the beginning of time. In Part Seven: “Text Messaging”, Nicholas explains how text messaging  improved communication with the ability to send and receive of highly relevant information quickly. Evolution of Communication – it’s something to talk about.

Coming soon: Part 8: Instant Messaging

Occupy Wall St – Nashville Stops The Machine

The Occupy Wall Street Movement has gone world-wide showing that communities are becoming the change they seek in the world economy. In this latest video from Anthony-Denmark Communications, see how a skit on a busy street shows Nashvillians how to stand up to corporate abuse in Occupy Wall St – Nashville Stops The Machine. The Corporate Military Machine is the target. The performers cry, “Stop the machine! Tear down the machine!”

Nashville Mayor’s Dessert Budget Strategy

This a forty-three second video. Nashville mayor Karl Dean speaks in front of the Jackson Day 2011 audience presented by the Tennessee Democratic Party. He takes the opportunity to encourage visitors from all over the state to spend money. . . one helping at a time.