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Anthony – Denmark Communications

My business is Anthony – Denmark Communications (ADC). I use my business to support the work seen on ADC is located at Total coincidence, but I noticed that after I chose the color  for my website and business cards, red is the color of the flag Denmark (the country). I’m from Denmark, Tennessee and they do not have a flag. But wait, the citizens of Denmark (the country) are known as Danes and I previously lived in Dane County, Wisconsin. Coincidence or not? (Hum the theme from “The Twilight Zone”: Du – Du -Du – Du – Du – Du – Du – Du – Du – Du).

RussAnthony411’s You Tube Channel

My You Tube views are growing. Thanks for everyone who has taken the time to watch my videos. I try to make them short and to the point and with a little bit of “flair” when I can. Thank you for your comments (both good and bad).

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RussAnthony411 on Facebook now has its own website. You can locate by going to I was able to get a Facebook website only after readers responded to my requests for Facebook “likes”. Thank you!

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This is  good place to find stories, organizations and people that I am following.  At times, I will do a story from information I have gathered from Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter by clicking here.

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If you click on the previous link, you can see that various websites that have picked up my videos and are showing them in their videos libraries.

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Russ Anthony 411 from the Tennessee Conference on Social Welfare (TCSW) on Facebook

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