Tour de Nash 2012 Video

The video Tour de Nash 2012 highlights the largest organized bike ride in Nashville, Tennessee conducted by Walk/Ride Nashville.  Russ Anthony 411 was there to take in the spectacle. Watch the beauty and coordination of Nashville bikers as they begin three separate treks through the streets of Nashville. This year’s ride, (it’s a ride, not a race), included an estimated one thousand riders. This video shows the start of the 62-mile, 32-mile and 8-mile groups as they begin their journeys. Nashville’s mayor Karl Dean is in the front row for the 8-mile family fun ride group. Marvel at the variety of riders, bikes and gear as the rider pass the camera showing off individual biking styles.  Click here to see the video produced by Anthony-Denmark Communications. For more information about Walk/Bike Nashville go to For photos of Tour de Nashville 2012, please click here.

Run For The Homeless 5k – Nashville 2012

Nashville once again shows it’s generous spirit as 500 runners and walkers were cheered on by supporters at the Run For The Homeless 5k. Despite cloudy skies. The video gives a glimpse of the festival atmosphere at the event. Presented by The Key Alliance, this is the second year the race has taken place in downtown Nashville. For official race results, go to

Also, please watch “Dale”, a heart warming interview that tells the story of a man going from living on the street to permanent housing. I was originally going to put a portion of the interview in the original video. However, as I started editing it – I realized that Dale needed more time to tell his story.


Reasons to Video Record Your Next Public Event

This short (1:16) video gives three benefits of video recording public events such as workshops, fundraisers and community organizing. If you are part of a community or public service organization, you should consider video recording your next public event to advertise to your client base, provide a visual report of activities to funders/supporters and to increase the morale of staff and volunteers. Video is a great tool for getting your message across in a powerful way.

Project Homeless Connect 2012 (Nashville)

A truly incredible community event was captured on video in Nashville, Tennessee on March 28, 2012. Project Homeless Connect 2012 offered a one-stop shop for persons who are experiencing homelessness to gain information and assistance from 70 service agencies and vendors. This video will give a glimpse of the services offered and how attendees benefited from the experience.  Be sure to take note of the many financial and and in-kind sponsors who made Project Homeless Connect in Nashville possible. Conducted  by The Key Alliance of the Metropolitan (Nashville) Homelessness Commission. (Please note; if you viewed this video prior to March 31, 2012, it has been revised).

Social Work Ethics

“Social Work Ethics” is the most recent video from Anthony-Denmark Communications. Dorothy H. Gager, LCSW was recorded at TCSW 2012. This excerpt from her presentation, “Navigating When Your Personal and Professional Codes of Ethics Seem at Odds”, explores the NASW Code of Ethics. Ms. Gager discusses some of the history of social work ethics and challenges faced by social workers today. Please be sure to return to my YouTube Channel where you can check out other videos from this and past TCSW events.

Russ Anthony 411 at TCSW 2012

The photos above show the incredible speakers at last year’s TCSW main event. Follow Russ Anthony 411 and Anthony-Denmark Communications for coverage of the Tennessee Conference  on Social Welfare 99th Anniversary Spring Conference from the Embassy Suites Nashville – South/Cool Springs in Franklin, Tennessee.  Look for reports here on and on YouTube,Twitter, and Facebook. You may also email any questions or comments to While at the conference, I will be conducting interviews and recording some of the activities. For full conference details, please visit the the TCSW website at

Chinese Dragon New Year Celebration – Nashville

Chinese Dragon New Year Celebration – Nashville is a colorful and entertaining display of  Chinese culture in Middle Tennessee. The Chinese Arts Alliance of Nashville and the Nashville Chinese Dragon Dance Team helped the local community to celebrate the Chinese New Year at Eakin Elementary near Vanderbilt University. Mayor Karl Dean was there,  as he has done in several other Chinese cultural events, to encourage the crowd on this cold January morning, The outdoor portion of the celebration is captured is this 7-minute video from Anthony-Denmark Communications. (By the way, the little girl heard describing the action was an unexpected but welcomed part of the audio soundtrack. I wished that I had a chance to ask her how she knew so much about what we were watching). Click here to watch the video.

Banned Emergency Response Video

See what happened on November 12, 2011 when this fire department crew responded to a 911 emergency call. This is an exclusive Russ Anthony 411 and Anthony-Denmark Communications video. The news media will not show these types of scenes. Music is “Earth” by Tortue Super Sonic (

Misedutainment of the Masses

Lynn Stewart describes how misinformation through entertainment leads to Misedutainment of the Masses in the latest video from Russ Anthony 411 and Anthony-Denmark Communications. In these excerpts from the 2011 TCSW Middle Region Fall Conference, Mr. Stewart describes how vulnerable populations are affected by it. Innovative approaches to working with families faced with adverse circumstances by utilizing positive reinforcements and resources are described. Misedutainment of the Masses is a great resource for working with families in poverty. Note: Mr. Stewart’s organization is United Neighborhood Health Services.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the subject in the latest video from Russ Anthony 411 and Anthony-Denmark Communications. Yvonne Williams of the Human Trafficking in America Task Force, Inc is the featured speaker. She and her husband, Marion Williams, were recognized as Advocates of the year at the TCSW Middle Region Conference on November 18, 2011. This video contains excerpts from the presentation Human Trafficking: Healing the Soul of America given at conference. Statistics, how to identify and become aware of trafficking and how to mobilize a movement to help stop labor and sex trafficking of women and youth are presented.