Need for Home and Community Based Services for Seniors

Julius Witherspoon and Lee Stewart of Metropolitan Social Services in Nashville, Tennessee speak about the growth of the elderly population and ways agencies can meet this need. This video shows excerpts from their presentation, “Increasing Need for Home and Community Based Services for Seniors and Disabled Adults” at the TCSW Middle Region Fall Conference on November 2, 2012. Video by Russ Anthony 411 for Anthony-Denmark Communications.


“You are an advocate”, says advocacy veteran Gordon Bonnyman from the Tennessee Justice Center. He speaks to the audience about the qualities needed for being an effective advocate for people and causes. These excerpts are taken from his presentation “The Whys and Wherefores of Advocacy” at the TCSW Middle Region Fall Conference on November 2, 2012. Video by Russ Anthony 411 for Anthony-Denmark Communications.

Can You Make My Video?

I enjoy making videos and I love improving my video skills. If I received a big pot of money today, I would be very happy using with my cameras, computers and websites to pursue my video-making dreams full time. Through Anthony-Denmark Communications and Russ Anthony 411, I produce social work technology videos and entertainment videos.

Here are items to consider when looking for a videographer to make your organization’s next video:

The Cost. Sometimes, I want to take on a new project and a problem area can be the price. “How much do you charge to make a video?”.  While that is an honest question, the answer would depend on several factors including expected time spent before, during and after the actual shoot. When I get such a question, I try to get the customer to give details about expectations for the video. For example, a video taken as an audience member requires different skills and resources compared to projects where the videographer can plan the shots.

The Time. I was recently asked to provide video service for a customer. When price was discussed, the response was, “That much for being at the event for an hour!”. Time spent during the recording phase is not the only consideration. Often the real work in producing a video comes in the editing phase. This is my favorite part of working on a video. The choosing of the scenes, the timing of each segment and the manipulation of sound and video can keep me working happily late into the night.

The Finished Product. When working on a video product I Identify the message and show video to support that message. The message can be affected by the quality and quantity of the captured video. A successful video is one that I can produce that has an effective message with good quality and in the appropriate running time.

But, the key is knowing and getting what you want. Be sure to have details so that expectations are clear on both sides. Talking about the details helps to decide on the cost. But it is okay if you need help with crafting an idea or concept for a video.

Champions (Special Olympic Tennessee Summer Games 2012)

Athletes from Special Olympics came from all over Tennessee to compete Saturday May 19, 2012 in the Summer Games 2012. The event took place on the campus of Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Watch the excitement as the volunteers turn into spectators. Athletes competed for medals and bragging rights. There was so much going on in seven different athletic venues that I had to concentrate in the track and field area. For more on the Special Olympics and how you can get involved, please go to their website at Soon I will post additional photos from the Special Olympics

Reasons to Video Record Your Next Public Event

This short (1:16) video gives three benefits of video recording public events such as workshops, fundraisers and community organizing. If you are part of a community or public service organization, you should consider video recording your next public event to advertise to your client base, provide a visual report of activities to funders/supporters and to increase the morale of staff and volunteers. Video is a great tool for getting your message across in a powerful way.

Russ Anthony 411 at TCSW 2012

The photos above show the incredible speakers at last year’s TCSW main event. Follow Russ Anthony 411 and Anthony-Denmark Communications for coverage of the Tennessee Conference  on Social Welfare 99th Anniversary Spring Conference from the Embassy Suites Nashville – South/Cool Springs in Franklin, Tennessee.  Look for reports here on and on YouTube,Twitter, and Facebook. You may also email any questions or comments to While at the conference, I will be conducting interviews and recording some of the activities. For full conference details, please visit the the TCSW website at

Misedutainment of the Masses

Lynn Stewart describes how misinformation through entertainment leads to Misedutainment of the Masses in the latest video from Russ Anthony 411 and Anthony-Denmark Communications. In these excerpts from the 2011 TCSW Middle Region Fall Conference, Mr. Stewart describes how vulnerable populations are affected by it. Innovative approaches to working with families faced with adverse circumstances by utilizing positive reinforcements and resources are described. Misedutainment of the Masses is a great resource for working with families in poverty. Note: Mr. Stewart’s organization is United Neighborhood Health Services.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the subject in the latest video from Russ Anthony 411 and Anthony-Denmark Communications. Yvonne Williams of the Human Trafficking in America Task Force, Inc is the featured speaker. She and her husband, Marion Williams, were recognized as Advocates of the year at the TCSW Middle Region Conference on November 18, 2011. This video contains excerpts from the presentation Human Trafficking: Healing the Soul of America given at conference. Statistics, how to identify and become aware of trafficking and how to mobilize a movement to help stop labor and sex trafficking of women and youth are presented.

“10 Things Social Workers Have In Common With The Occupy Wall Street Protests” by Robert Schachter, DSW, LMSW

(Note: This is a great article about the Occupy Wall Street protests from New York. Through the use of media technology millions have been exposed  to what social workers have known for some time. Read about what social workers are facing in New York).

Please click on the link for the article by Robert Schachter, Executive Director – New York City Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW-NYC). From NASW-NYC Connections at

Click here for the article.

Occupy Wall St – Nashville Stops The Machine

The Occupy Wall Street Movement has gone world-wide showing that communities are becoming the change they seek in the world economy. In this latest video from Anthony-Denmark Communications, see how a skit on a busy street shows Nashvillians how to stand up to corporate abuse in Occupy Wall St – Nashville Stops The Machine. The Corporate Military Machine is the target. The performers cry, “Stop the machine! Tear down the machine!”